We are a turn-key apparel and fundraising solution in one.


    Parents. Athletes. Coaches. Boosters. Apparel Experts.


    We provide a seamless e-commerce solution for all of your apparel needs: 24/7-365 customer ordering. Direct shipping to individual customers. Turn time in days rather than weeks (or months!). Fundraising checks in the mail.

    Here's how it works.


    • What are the risks to my organization partnering with First Apparel?  None! There are no risks to partner with us. There’s no inventory to buy, no contracts to sign, no daily management needs, no timing concerns, no minimum apparel purchases by the organization and your fans, and no annual fees.
    • Are there any contracts to sign?  Nope, never. We’ll simply move forward on a handshake that First Apparel can use your logo to make apparel and fulfill orders for your organization. If you ever want to move in a different direction, let us know and we’ll immediately remove your unique page from the website - no questions asked (although that has never happened before...). 
    • Do we have to be exclusive with First Apparel?  Not at all! Other apparel companies may have different solutions that can complement your First Apparel partnership. You can work with whomever you want, whenever you want. 
    • Can we do special apparel runs?  Yes! Let us know if you have a State-bound team or you’re hosting a Tournament or a fundraiser, and we can do a special run and website for that event - free of charge, as always.
    • Does First Apparel do uniforms and equipment?  Sorry, uniforms and equipment are not available via First Apparel as we want to stay laser-focused on what we do best: super high quality fan apparel, available 24/7/365.